1. Q: Will a roof-mounted system void my roofer’s warranty?

    Ans. We frequently coordinate our work with roofers to ensure warranties remain in force and the PV system installation also comes with a 5-year warranty which includes roof integrity.

  2. Q: My building’s roof needs replacing soon. Does it make sense to integrate the installations?

    Ans. Yes. If you’re planning to replace your roof in the next few years, it may make sense to move that up and install the PV system at the same time as the new roof is going on.

  3. Q: What if my roof needs repair after the PV system is installed?

    Ans. Spot repairs are easily accommodated as any since module is secured with only four 5/16” hex bolts. Non-penetrating ballasted systems can also easily be moved to accommodate repairs.

  4. Q: What kind of county/city permits will I need?

    Ans. We always need an electrical permit from the city or county and some require a building permit as well. Solarix 24×7 and our licensed installers will handle all of this, from applications to inspections.

  5. Q: How long will my installation take?

    Ans. This depends mostly on the size of the system, site access, and the distance between the array(s) and the main service. In general, figure one week for each hundred modules to be installed.

  6. Q: Will installation interfere with my normal business operations?

    Ans. Most work is conducted on the site of the array installation (roof or ground) so your operations will likely not be impacted. We coordinate our efforts with your team, from deliveries, securing equipment, to crane usage. For example, we always schedule the final tie-in around your schedule.