Most Advance Solar Technology



Solarix modules are made with the highest quality solar cells in state of the art production facility. Solarix high quality modules gives you and your family maximum power and full Ampere so that you can enjoy life, watch television and your children can study even after Sun sets.

More power means more happiness to you and your family. 



    • FIRST TIME IN INDIA GRID – BY PASS TECHNOLOGY optimizes solar usage over Grid and reduces your power bill.
    • REMOTE CONTROLL You can start and shut down through remote or even through your smart phone.
    • 5 to 10 YEARS BATTERY LIFE with auto sensing soft ware.
    • MPPT CHARGE CONTROLLER maximum power conversion.
    • PURE SINE WAVE protects your all-sensitive gadgets.
    • LONGER LIFE smart inverter is designed for 10 years service life.
    • ALL RUNNING PARAMETERS TO YOUR FINGER TIPS through multi color display shows solar usage, battery states, connected load, mains voltage & fault indication.



Solarix’s entire system performs best when supported by batteries that are specifically designed for them. Solarix Batteries have a unique deep cycle high-density plate technology. It provides superior reliability and longer life. Its low impedance design provides excellent charge acceptance capability. Solarix Batteries have no current limit control voltage-charging feature to give a longer life. Shockproof high impact reinforced case restrains bulging. Lead alloy corrosion free connections provide maximum conductivity.