Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We care about our customers and we strive to create 100% happy customers. Customer satisfaction for us starts with providing top class products at affordable prices that will work trouble free for a long time.
Our service staff always wants to help and will try to make things right for our customers. Solarix 24X7 brand promise is that it does not sleep and works 24X7 so that our customers can sleep peacefully. You can call us any time 24 hours a day and some one will be there to help you.

We take a flexible approach towards our customers to keep them happy. Our belief is to make things right for our customers in all situations. That philosophy makes our customer service legendary.

We expect that most of products should run trouble free for its expected life and beyond. But sometimes if it doesn’t work to the level of our customer’s satisfaction we are there 24 hours a day to help our customers. That’s why we have a toll free 1800 102 7172 number that operated 24 hours a day every day.