Management Team


Mr. S. Mehmood Hasan

Head of Sales

Mr. S. Mehmood Hasan is the Sales Head of the company. Hasan has been instrumental in strategizing and development of the distribution channel.

Hasan holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from JMI University in Delhi, He has 18 years rich and long experience in the Solar PV & Thermal markets in India. Hasan has spent 3 years as project Engineer in the Research and development wing of the IIT Delhi. He is blessed with deep insight and knowledge on Solar Photovoltaic from his experience of working with many scholars and researchers in the premium
university of India.

During his 15 years in Sales he has worked for Big National and Multinational companies like Sintex Industries, Shri Shakti Alternative Energy Ltd., Sun technics, Ibex Gallagher & Maharishi Solar. He enjoys his job and combines it with his love for traveling and making new friends. He is the go to person for his team mates for everything related to work and otherwise.


Mr. Parveen Kumar Jangra

Head of Operations

Parveen has joined the team in 2014. In a short span of his time with the company he has headed and managed many areas, from Quality management to customer service. He is currently heading the Operations for the company. As a head of the operations Parveen is responsible for conceptualizing and managing the overall operations and implementation of newer technologies and smooth running of the business.

He is part of the core management team and participates in corporate Strategies and ensures all activities run smoothly. His primary responsibilities includes, directing the operational team, Customer service, solutions and support and partnering with suppliers and implementing value added services in the corporate arena. Parveen also heads the R&D of the company and has played key role in implementing company’s vision of newer trendsetting products.

Prior to joining SOLARIX, Parveen has rich 15 years experience in Inverter and Battery industry. He has worked in different capacities in large corporates like SUKAM, MICROTEK, DIAMEC, GEM Batteries.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and communication Engineering from KU. Additionally, he has a Post graduate diploma in Management Studies from the Chandigarh University and Advance Diploma in Automation from CDAC, Mohali. 

Parveen is the go to person for the CEO for any new ideas that require technology for smooth running and MIS.  For leisure, Parveen enjoys driving in hills with his beautiful wife and sweet 10 years old son.

Mr. Mudit Shukla

Product Management leader

Mudit Shukla has more than 5 years of experience in product development, strategic planning, corporate communication & relation, product innovation & cost control. He has in the past handled export/import operations, liaising with various government authorities namely, BBNL, BSNL, Customs, Excise, Central & State Ministries. He has rich experience in developing and implementing, business-outsourcing models, revenue and profit model for company, cost management, productivity improvement, quality improvement.

A science graduate from CSJM, and MBA in marketing and international business (IB), additionally he has degree in value management from Maharishi University of Management.

Mudit Shukla has enjoyed working with various NGO’s and interest in taking part in social activities.