Solar power is being continuously used for generating renewable power which is now almost, can be installed anywhere with empty space. Using commercial solar power plants in India is the latest trend among many corporate offices, universities and organization for going with green energy initiative. As there is almost zero pollution levels once the power generation starts from these solar panels. Only in the production of these solar cells there is some amount of pollution which when calculated in long term is almost negligible comparing with traditional power sources.

Rooftop solar panels are now becoming quite popular among the Indian homes. They are setup on rooftops at right angle fetching the maximum sunlight rays and producing efficient electricity. Due to high benefits and more advantages than traditional power sources there is huge demand in the commercial sector for making effective use of Solar power in their premises. In these commercial buildings there is enough space in their rooftops and empty areas of gardens, porch entrance where these Solar panels are installed. Although initial investments are high but there are loans available on solar plants easily these days owing to their swift ROI (return on investment).

Our 10KW solar power plants are highly capable to produce electricity that will run for years. Now there are practical applications which are now installed in roofs of Schools, Banks, Offices, Petrol Pumps and Organizations etc. Minimum requirements for solar power plant are the empty space and direct sunlight access to start this unlimited source of power. Investment is also one-time with regular maintenance. As the electricity starts producing right away so return on investment (ROI) is quick and with net metering now available in India extra generated power is added to the grid for surplus income through Solar Power.

Our products come with complete set of Solar panel, Solar Battery, PCU, Junction Box, cable to go with mounting structure. We have 25 years of performance warranty on Solar Panels, 5 years for Solar batteries, 5 years for PCU with unlimited support for technical know-how within premises. These solar products are hybrid systems and works more proficiently when there is grid connectivity available.

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