Smart High Power Series Inverters

smart-series-solar-pcuSOLARIX Solar Inverter/UPS series incorporates world’s most advanced Technology of wireless communication with the Inverters. This Smart Solar Industrial UPS provides advance comfort ability to the check/see the real time values or status of the Inverter system. There are mainly three types of Smart Solutions:

  • 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Solution
  • Mobile Solution (GSM/GPRS)
  • Wired (LAN)/Wireless (WiFi) SNMP Solution


  • FIRST TIME IN INDIA GRID – BY PASS TECHNOLOGY WITH REAL TIME CLOCK optimizes solar usage over Grid and reduces your power bill.
  • REMOTE CONTROLL You can start and shut down through remote or even through your smart phone.
  • 5 to 10 YEARS BATTERY LIFE with auto sensing soft ware.
  • MPPT CHARGE CONTROLLER maximum power conversion.
  • LONGER LIFE smart inverter is designed for 10 years service life.
  • ALL RUNNING PARAMETERS O YOUR FINGER TIPS through multi color display shows solar usage, battery states, connected load, mains voltage & fault indication.


  • SOLARIXsmart inverter has multi function communication capability. It sends and receives message quickly. It provides full system performance information to the users on their phone, displays it on the inverter and also stores it on the server, which can be viewed any time via the Internet.
  • SOLARIXsmart inverter system has digital architecture and bidirectional communication capability. Which runs on digital signal processing (DSP) technology.
  • SOLARIX smart inverter has a reliable and efficient silicon centric hardware. It is controlled by a scalable software platform, which incorporates sophisticated performance monitoring capability. The rugged software and hardware.
  • SOLARIX allows the installer and service technicians to diagnose operational and maintenance issues – including predicting possible inverter and full system problems and remotely upgrading certain parameters to make it run with full efficiency at all the time.
  • SOLARIX has an integrated micro inverter package that lowers the levelized cost of energy (LCOE), facilitates higher energy production and gives higher system reliability and uptime.


  • Power Back up source for industries, corporate offices, banks and BPOs
  • Provides reliable back up to office Computers, Projectors, Printers, Scanners and Fax Machines etc.
  • Suitable for schools,multiplexes and shopping malls.
  • Suitable for all motor-based applications i.e. AC, Fire Pumps, Water Pumps, Compressors, Water Coolers, Deep Refrigerators and other 3 Phase critical motorized equipment.
  • Suitable Petrol Pumps, Fuel Dispensers.
  • Emergency and Transportable Power Systems.
  • Gym Equipment / Health Equipment like Joggers etc.


  • 1 phase to 1 phase
Rating 2.5 KVA 3.5 KVA 5 KVA 6 KVA 7.5 KVA 10 KVA
Battery Voltage 36V DC/ 48V DC 48V DC 48V DC/ 96V DC 120V DC 120V DC 120V DC/ 180V DC
  • 3 phase to 3 phase
Rating 5 KVA 7.5 KVA 10 KVA 12 KVA 15 KVA 20 – 100 KVA
Battery Voltage 96V DC/120V DC 120V DC 120V DC/180V DC 192V DC 240V DC/360V DC 360V DC
  • Remote access, Smart UPS can be accessible via Smartphone.
  • Instant alerts & emergency control.
  • It is a cost effective solution so it Encourage standardization.
  • Optimal for people with reduced mobility.
  • It can be combined with local control to give higher flexibility.
  • Controlling and monitoring through Internet.
  • Can upgrade the firmware of the UPS through Internet.
  • We make it scalable for further add-ons.
  • Remote Control is necessary as in case you are not at home and UPS is installed at Home.
  • Developing low-price systems will accelerate the process of turning our UPS intelligent.
  • The price of the “intelligent UPS” in a house in comparison with its “facility” is much more significant.
  • It is suitable for inexperienced users or even for disabled people.


  • LCD Display for displaying UPS parameters, conditions and Wireless Network status.
  • Switch with LED indication for UPS Functionality.
  • Dual Side (UPS and Remote) control by wireless communication.
  • Enter Sleep mode after 2 min for Power Saving when there is no operation.
  • Wake up from power saving on following condition:
  • Fault in the UPS (Short Circuit, Over Load, Battery Low etc.)
  • Mains Cut or Mains On
  • Switch operation from UPS Side
  • Switch operation from Remote Side


  • Whenever user will give a call to saved no. in UPS, The call will automatically get disconnected and UPS will send all the UPS data to called number via SMS.
  • You can save contact numbers and Email id’s via a frontend software.
  • Whenever any UPS fault occurs, UPS will send alarm Message to the saved numbers.
  • UPS can also send mail through GPRS.
  • UPS files can also save in memory card and user can access them through GPRS whenever they want.


  • Live Monitoring and Control through computer.Graphics View for easy monitoring.Information of faults to the user via SMS and Email.
  • One-month storage of UPS data in Database.
  • Hibernate the PC at fault conditions like battery low of UPS for user data saving.
  • UPS trap message will show automatically at any UPS fault.


  • Latest DSP based technology using 20 KHz PWM technology for absolute and stable sine wave output.
  • Regulated output voltage and frequency for smooth and quite operations of AC motors and Inductive loads unlike the irritating noise that comes from Modified Sine Wave Systems.
  • Instant changeover by electronic switch for High reliability ensuring compatibility with Computers.
  • Special TDR (Time Delay Relay), for compressor based applications like AC. (Optional)
  • Capability of Surge Load upto 300%.
  • Extremely low Total Harmonic Distortion (<3%).
  • Dual Mode of working : UPS and Normal
  • Closed Loop Auto Sensing Software Control (ASSC) Smart Battery Charging Technology for longer battery life.
  • Dual charging current option for Float Charging and Boost Charging.
  • Inverter to mains change over at zero crossing.
  • Soft Start
  • Smart LCD Panel Display for indicating Battery Voltage & Load Percentage.
  • Display of all protections like Over Temperature, Short Circuit, Battery Low/High Cut, Overload.
  • Intelligent overload sensing circuitry with auto retries facility.
  • Programmed In-built cooling fan which operates as needed with thermal protection.
  • SNMP an easy to use powerful tool for Tele-net Monitoring & Controlling of the UPS System (Optional).
  • High Power new generation MOSFET/ IGBT capable to handle high in-rush/ surge current.
  • Very less operating cost in comparison with Online Backup System & DG sets.
  • Equipped with Bypass Switch to avoid the problems during system failure.
  • Easily moveable with Wheel Base.
  • Compatible with DG Sets.


Input Voltage Range (Normal Mode) 100 to 280 VAC ± 5 VAC (Wide Range)
Input Voltage Range (UPS Mode) 180 to 260 VAC ± VAC
Changeover Time Maximum < 30 ms (in Normal Mode) and < 10 ms (in UPS Mode)
Max. Charging Current (NC) 10A + 1A
Max. Charging Current (HC) 14A + 1A
10A + 1A 14.4 ± 0.2 VDC          14.4 ± 0.2 VDC
Float Charging Voltage 13.7 ± 0.2 VDC          27.4 ± 0.4 VDC


Output Voltage at No Load 220 VAC ± 7 VAC
Output Frequency 50.0Hz ± 0.5Hz
Output Wave Form (At No Load) 100% Pure Sine Wave
Battery Low alarm 10.6 ± 0.2 VDC      21.2 ± 0.2 VDC
Battery Low protection 10.4 ± 0.2 VDC      20.8 ± 0.2 VDC
Overload (Normal/ UPS) 120%
Short Circuit (Normal/ UPS) 300%
Battery Low protection 10.4 ± 0.2 VDC per Batt.


Max. Charging Current (NC) 29 Amp. ± 1.5Amp.
Max. Charging Current (HC) 32 Amp. ± 1.5Amp.
Charge Controller Efficiency > 98%


  • Yellow Color: For Inverter/ UPS mode. No AC Mains (Utility Power)
  • Green Color: When AC mains (Utility Power) is available
  • Red Color: In case of any Abnormal Condition


  • AC mains voltage
  • O/P Load in %
  • Battery input voltage
  • Battery Charging/ Discharging current (Bar Graph)
  • Faults Status
    • Overload
    • PV Reverse
    • Short Circuit
    • Fuse Trip
    • Over Temp (Thermometer)
    • Low Battery (Empty ‘Battery’ Blinking)
  • Inverter Status
  • Solar availability Status


PV Reverse, Reverse Current Flow (to PV module), Battery Voltage Low (4 Auto Retries), Over Load (6 Auto Retries), Battery full Charge, Over Temperature, Short Circuit


Application Load Type 2.5KVA 3.5KVA 5KVA 7.5KVA 10KVA 12KVA
Petrol Pumps Fan 1 4 5 5 5
Tube light 5 4 5 8 8
Petrol filling machine 1 2 3 4 5
Schools Fan only 25 30 50 75 100 110
  Fan 15 18 35 55 70 75
  Tube light 13 17 20 35 40 50
Offices AC 1 1 1 2
  Tube Light 13 17 8 12 16 20