Electricity is considered to be the stepping stone for next gen development. History suggests that non-renewable sources were the primary source for power generation. But with technology advancement humans adapted with much and more better method of power generation like water, winds and solar etc these are renewable resources which can be utilized again in future. Comparison with non-renewable sources, these are much more advantageous and beneficial for future scope too.
Solar energy is one of the most powerful tools for power generation. Technology used in this power source is solar heating, Photovoltaics, solar thermal energy and architecture if required. Solar PV system is quite popular which comprise of solar panels comprises with number of solar cells generating electric power through sun. These PV installations can be installed anywhere on the empty ground, rooftops or even on the walls.

These Solar systems are installed on houses, offices & empty spaces wherever possible and which is then connected to meters than through with electricity grid. Net metering is the process of credit billing mechanism for extra electricity they add to grid. Meter adds the surplus units whenever there is extra energy generated by solar plants, rolls back these units to next month with Kilowatt hour credit. Other option is to have two separate meters one for consumption and other foe power generation, the difference is than calculated and adjusted accordingly. In summer due to peak sun time the generation is high which is than contradicted with low power generation during winters.


Using net metering on solar power plants is hugely beneficial to system owners as well community at large. Energy generated through solar power clears all your electricity expenses, moreover if plant is generating surplus than this results into extra income too. Meters installed at the owner’s unit are the checkpoint which adds units whenever there is extra generation of energy is recorded.

Directly connecting your home with electricity grid also gives the convenience of not using solar batteries. Reducing the heavy cost of investment and hence the maintenance expenses are reduced too. In India most of the states have fabricated their own policy support for solar power plants and their correct use within regulations for legal power generation.

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