As the power of Solar energy is felt by people across the globe, now they are looking for solutions for maximizing the solar potential in every way. Also when compared to other power generation sources like coal, nuclear, water etc, Solar is found to be the most favourable in terms of installation and availability. Once the solar cells are built the amount of pollution generated from the system is zero. So this highly efficient system of power generation is in more demand in India due to success it is receiving from all common house installation systems.

Solar PV (photovoltaic) systems are easy to handle and have a very low maintenance rate, so installing them on house roofs provides no hazards at all. Easy to operate these solar calls have the tendency to work for at least more than 25 years.

These are some important factors that one should acknowledge if they are looking to install solar power on their residential homes.

  • Amount of Sunlight received at your location: The main source of power generation is the Sunlight. Places receiving high amount of Sun rays are favourable as this can maximize the output of the solar system, similarly places with clouds more than 9 months needs to avoid this planning
  • Connectivity to Grid: – Stand alone solar plant work better when a person is living in remote areas and grids are far away from their location. Connectivity to the grid has its own benefits for reducing the cost of solar batteries and Net Metering for extra income generated through your own Solarix power plant.
  • Design of Your Home: – As installation is done on your home-roofs it is necessary that they receive the maximum sunlight during peak hours, surface area of the solar panel should be in direct contact of these rays. Solar panels are also tilted in the right direction to be in direct contact with Sun rays. Slanted roofs are therefore strategically built to improve their solar power efficiency.
  • Solar PV System: – Installing the right mini solar power plant in your homes depends on many factors like home requirements, grid availability, Net Metering, amount of Sun-rays etc. Solarix has various different power capable plants in the range from 150 W to 10 KW when installed they produce to maximum efficiency.

Solarix manufactures various mini solar power plant in India with power capabilities starting with the range from 150W, 200W, 300W, 400W, 500W to 1KW. So consumer has the choice to select the power they need as per location and amount of Sun rays their home receives. Contact Solarix professionals for the best solution in choosing the plant that will give you benefits.

Solarix also provides loan on these solar products with minimum interests so that consumers can pay more flexibly. Once installed this system is capable of neutralizing your electricity bill completely. More over once net metering is there one also can avail benefits from the extra energy there system fetches into extra income too.

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